Farming activities of Medjool Dates

The activities that a Medjool Date go through are specific and time sensitive to insure a good harvest. These activities are usually done by hand, hence requiring a lot of man hours. These activities include:

Pruning is usually done straight after harvest and involves reducing the number of leaves in addition to removing the old crop carriers. Offshoots are reduced from young tries to allow for more nutrients to be directed to the new crop.

Removing Thorns
Thorns are removed from leaves to allow workers to have access for the entire tree to serve the new crop without injuring themselves.

It is done in two parts. Harvesting pollen from male trees and pollinating the new crop of female trees.

Thinning is reducing the number of dates per tree to allow for the remaining ones to grow bigger with better quality. It is estimated that 10% of the initial crop remains on a Medjool Date Palm Tree.

Is covering each bushel of Medjool Dates with specialized perforated bags that allow sunlight and air in and keep insects and birds effect at a minimal.

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